miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2010

Pure Chile, your sky is bluuuue

Chile, that’s the country that I have lived my all my life. It was discovered for a bunch of men that wanted power for their country and probably have sex with Indian woman. They came and did that, and also killed and took the land of the Indian that lived here. That’s how Chile was born. A lot of time passed after that, and this country had his 100th birthday, but only three years before that, a lot of men were killed because they were on a strike because of the injustice of their work taking saltpeter out. More than 2000 men were killed that day, Happy birthday Chile, You must be proud.

Well, right now we are in 2010, the year of the bicentenary. And it started with something that shows me how small and dumb we all are. First our new president it’s the biggest ass that I have ever seeing (on tv), I hate politics and politicians, but the fact that Piraña was made president in a democratic way, it really of killed this year (and the next 4, I guess). After that, the earthquake hit everybody very hard, seeing half of the country suffered in this year of ‘celebration’ was very ironic and awful. That’s when I knew how everybody saw things now. The patriotism that was born with that situation has being feed by the media by sending a very wrong message, is like we have to be proud of everything that happens in here. Like we have to say ‘I love Chile, we are the best and don’t look what is wrong, because there’s nothing wrong'.

I hate this. We are not the best country, we are no better than anyone, I mean, while the miners were getting rescued, a bunch of Mapuches were starving to death because the government was accepting a law that didn’t even let them protest for their rights. But no one notice because everyone was looking at the paper that our beloved president showed everywhere, that said the miners where ok.

Chile can not be proud about the things that are happening here. I wish we can all open our eyes and realized that.

Books can blow your mind off

Actually i don't know very much about them, i'm not a very good reader.

The first book that i fell in love, was one that a teacher gave me in school when i was in 4th grade, it's called 'El Gato Mog', it was about a grandmother and her cat that behavied badly, one day she gave him yeast and he became a giant, because of that he saved the village of an awful storm.. I think that is one of the most important books of my life. I Know that it's kind of dull, but that is the book of my childhood.

Right now i'm always forcenme to read, i actually like books a lot, but i'm a little lazy (only a little), so I never finish any of the books that I try to read.

I love bram stoker's Dracula, I devoured that book, they way that is written is the most interesting thing that it has, I mean, the book is a recolecction of diaries of the characters that tell you the event that happened with dracula. It’s really cool, eventhough that the movie killed it a little.

A good book that I read reacently is ‘La Noche del oráculo’ of an American writer, Paul Auster. It’s very well written, it keeps you interested very much and the most fun thing is that at one point on the book, you are reading a book, about a guy who is reading a book, about a guy that is reading a book. It’s not that complicated as is sounds. Also, I read a Book that has an amazing name, “De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor’ of Raymond Carver, that is a recollection of short stories about the subject, he is a very good writer, I think at the beginning I didn't understand what he was trying to say with this book, but after I finished it I got it, I recommend you to read it.

My favorite book, is ‘El Tunel’ of Ernesto sábato, the book begins telling you that the leading character, Juan Pablo Castel, killed a woman, and during the book he explains to you why he killed her. It’s unbelievably good, it’s one of the best things that I have ever read.

I think there’s no better thing that books to stimulate your imagination, I wish I was a better reader, Things are always better when you imagine them.

Here they are....THE BEATLES!

After more than 10 years that Apple has being trying to get the Beattles on their catalog of ITunes, The record company EMI has agreed that theirs song can be download by everyone today.
Everyone is really happy that the ‘Fab Four’ are now part of the digital technology. Ringo has said that he is glad that no one will ask him about when they’ll be on ITunes anymore.
It was a difficult process, because The Beatles has a company called Apple Corps, so they have being fighting in court with Apple’s Owner Steven Jobs for the name, the past 30 years. Everything was so much easy when apple was just a fruit.

The widows of John and George, didn’t want the songs to be released digitaly, they thought that with this, copy the songs will be easier. But Emi thought that they misunderstood what technology could do for them. Besides, meanwhile, everyone that buys the beatles’s Cds, would rip them and illegally share them online ( wooohooo).

For this to happened, EMI will have to pay Paul, Ringo, and the two widows a lot of money. Actually, in 2011, Itunes will be the only online place to buy Beatles songs.

Their prices are not that bad, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is priced at £10.99 and the entire catalog is price at 125 dollars.

The important thing here is that this still shows that the beatles are the most important band of all times, not only because people were desperate for download them on a legal way, but also because their songs are already being in the charts of ITunes only after a few hours that their songs are being released.

I know this has not relation with what i'm studing, sorry, but it's the beattles! everything about them it's relevant!

miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

The boring Green

Ok. I’m not used to the boring green. I guess if I think about my life habits, I don’t really worry about that, of course I’m concerned about being good and clean with my beloved field of JGM, but about the environment in general, I don’t think much. I guess it’s because I’m kind of sure that in 2012 the extraterrestrials will come and pulverize our little planet with their powerful green laser.

I think the environmentally friendly practices are more familiar to everyone now. That’s what Al Gore did for the planet (haha). In my family everyone collects cardboard, so they can recycle it later and also a lot of them choose to use their bikes and not their cars. I believe that’s the most helpful thing that you can do. I would do it, but I live too far, I would have to wake up way too early to do that, and I’m a selfish person, I would never miss hours of sleep for that, sorry planet earth. I do walk a lot, on weekends anyway, because I don’t have responsibilities then and I usually don’t have to be anywhere on time, I like that. But now that summer is getting here. I won’t do it that much, I hate the summer heat.

I’m not part of any organization or group. A lot of times I tried to be a vegetarian, but that didn’t work out, not when a McDonalds is around the corner (fail).

I guess I would like to do something about this, use my bike, recycle, don’t eat animals, have one of those houses that only consume solar energy, I bet that Al Gore has one of those, and he loves it.

I guess that what we need is to get serious about this issue, because no one really cares, my dad will never stop using his car, neither will do my brothers, or the millions of cars that there are in this city. But for this to happen the streets of Santiago need to be friendlier with the people who use bikes, I mean, in the CICLOVIA of Alameda there’s a tree right in the middle, wtf is that?

Maybe we will die before this planet explodes because we think we will never be able to kill it.

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010


I have to talk about movies today, I’m kind of used to talk about them…so, here we go again.

First of all, I could never tell what my favourite movie is, there are too many movies that mean something for me. There’s like thirty movies in my top five and it’s never the same. It changes a lot.

So I’m going to talk about one that it’s very special to me, even dough that I never considered one of my favourites until a remembered it the other day.

I watched it about a year ago, It’s called “Mary and Max” it’s an animated movie, done with an animation technique called ‘Stop Motion’. The plot is about a little girl, Mary, who lives in Australia and doesn’t have any friends or brothers, that one day opens New York’s address book in the post office, chooses a random address and sends a letter asking for a friend. The guy that receives the letter is a 40 year old man, Max, who is very lonely also, obese and has Aspergers Syndrome, so he doesn’t know how to be around people or behave with them.

It’s sounds very sad really, but it’s not like that, actually is a very funny and sweet film, the best is the script and the animation, it is a work of art seeing the characters move.

I think it’s because of how the story develops that is overwhelming how they learn to love each other just by communicating through their letters. And at the end, they only have each other.
Actually, I lied, it is very sad and I cried very hard at the end.

If you are reading this, who ever you are, please watch that movie.
For movies like this one, the art of cinematography was made.

lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

4, 8, 15, 15, 23, 42.

Wow, this is hard. Last week’s post was hard enough, but with this one I don’t really know what I’m going to do.

I love Tv shows, I’m the kind of person that knows the schedule of American Tv, so I can download my favourite shows the night that they are showed.

I’ve watched everything, Friends, Scrubs, Six feet under, E.R., Ugly Betty, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s anatomy, Glee , just to name a few.
I stopped watching a lot of these shows because they were cancelled, they never ended or every character slept with every character, and that was not exciting any more.
Now, I’m following only 4 shows, House M.D., Dexter, MadMen and Lie to me.
I watch all of them for the same reason. All of them have a strong character as a lead, they are all kind of super heroes in their own way. House is a rockstar that makes everybody's day better when he saves lifes. Donal Draper saves the day with awesome ideas for his company. Dexter is a serial killer who kills serial killers. And Cal Lightman can catch liars with only looking at their face.

BUT, September, 22 of the year 2004, a plane that was flying from Sydney to L.A, crashed in an island in the Pacific Ocean. In the plane there was a doctor, a killer, a bad men, a junkie, a torturer, a millionaire, a father that didn’t know his son, a pregnant woman, a Korean couple with marital issues, and A BELIEVER.

The believer was John Locke, who was the only one who knew that the place where they fell into was special. He wasn’t scared, he just wanted to know the secrets of the island. So he fought everybody who wanted to get out of there, because he knew that everyone’s life in the civilized world was miserable.
There’s a very special reason why I call him a believer. When he got on that plane, he was a very sad man in a wheel chair, but when he got to the island he could walk again. That’s why he knew that place was special, he had faith. Besides he was cool because he was the only one who had 400 knives when they got there.

There’s a lot I’m not mentioning that explains why I’m so in love with Lost. Like there were other people on the island, which they called, "the others", not surprisingly. There was some kind of black smoke that killed people, and also, in that Caribbean island lived polar bears. Oh, that was quality television.

By the time they got to the 5 season, things got out of control, I didn’t enjoy it as much as before, but I still got together with my friends to watch every episode. When it was near the end in their 6th season, I really thought I was gonna suffer a nervous breakdown, and that the creators of the show were going to blow my mind with the best ending ever. Of course, nothing of this happened, and I ended up with an awful feeling all of that month. They killed my favourite TV show with stupid and simples answers.

After that, I decided never again to fall in love with a TV show.

martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

My name is Bobby Jackson...

This will sound like a cliché, but I really miss those days when I was little and I couldn’t wait to get home from school so I could watch all afternoon my favorites cartoons. I remember that all my afternoons were organized by the schedule that they were on. So everything was a lot of cartoons and almost no homework. Those were the happy days.

I wanted to be so many characters of my favorite cartoons! I wanted to be Akane from Ranma, Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon, Bulma from Dragon Ball Z and I was also kind of a tomboy so I wanted to be a Caballero del zodiaco as well.
I could write a lot of any of these cartoons, I love all of them, but today I have to talk about my favorite one, and that is without a doubt Detective Conan. I can say that this cartoon is so important to methat even now i'm grown up, my computer is full of episodes of this show.
First of all, It was about a 17 year old detective who was poisoned and became a 10 year old boy, who wouldn't like to watch that?. And second, I wanted to be a girl from the young detectives's league with Conan, I wanted the walkie talkie, the watch with tranquilizer needles, the shoes with extra power, but most of all, I wanted to be super smart like Conan was. Even though it was very suspicious that he was always in the right place at the right time, always somewhere where an unsolved mistery was happening.
The most funniest part was that he lived with another detective that was considered by everyone a very crappy one, Carlos guzman ‘The famous Detective’ as he used to call himself. He was really dumb, he hated to work and was a drunk. When Conan solved a case, he was the one who always took all the credit.
I'm still watching this cartoon, and I don’t think I will stop any time soon.

domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Everything is better when you drink in Santiago.

Well, I think this is a city that really works for me, of course I would like to live in a place where cool bands go to do more concerts, like Buenos Aires, but besides that I really love Santiago.

I like to go drinking to the cheapest place in Bellavista, called ‘La Nonna’, that’s always fun because you see a lot of drunk people past by and anyone can start a fight any minute. I also go to dance to a place called 'Bar Loreto', I like it because they play the kind of music that I like, which means never reggeton. The only problem of that place is that is always full of snob people, but I forget that as I go drinking.

Also walking through Santiago is something that I enjoy, but never in crowded streets. I always try to avoid that. When I said this city works for me, is only because I always avoid the busiest hour of the subways and the bus, there’s nothing worse than that.

And If you want to think about something or you are feeling blue, you can put your headphones on and go to the bridge that is near Santana station, where you can see the highway and the subway past under you. It’s a good exercise, you should try it. One time, a friend and I imagined Ian Curtis Thinking on top of a very ugly sculpture that you can see from there, It was fun.
I love Santiago, It’s a great place, but I can’t wait to get out of here.

lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Like a crappy movie

Well, according to my last name I’m kind of related to Italy, or I was told. So of course that’s the place where I have always wanted to go. But I’ve never been the tourist type, I like to live in the places that I visit, have a routine and really know how people experience their every day life and with that find out if that place is special.

I would love to live like that in the city of Florence, Tuscany. I don’t care if I can’t work what I’m studying there, actually I would like to do anything simpler than that. I have always imagined that I would have a bakery, a store of anything, or just a garden and no work at all. I don’t know a lot about Florence, the only thing that I know is that some very important people were born there, like artist that I won’t mention now because I don’t want to go there because of them. Also, that it isn’t an expensive city to live (I have asked about that), which is great because I don’t think I’ll have a lot of money, and that the bike is used as the way of transportation there.
Well, I guess I just want to go because I want simpler life than the one I think I will have. 2012 is coming and I don’t want to be killed by the apocalypse and never live something like that.

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

English Work

Last semester it was a good one. In the beginning of it I struggled a bit because I changed my classes, so I wasn’t with my friends in any of them. I missed them a lot because we didn’t see each other that much anymore and also I had a new boyfriend, who was my classmate and friend, so that was a new thing that I had to get used to.
After I got used to those things I really enjoyed it, because we learned a lot of things in the new classes. My favorite one was ‘Script’, it was the first time that I had a class like that, so I was very motivated and I really liked how the teacher worked with us. I also worked in a short film that we went to shoot in the mountains, way higher than the Cajon del Maipo, we spent two days there, it was winter and everything was covered in snow, it was freezing, but I really liked the experience shooting something where we couldn’t control anything, it was like an adventure.

I hope this new semester would be as good as the last one. Right now I just want the September holidays so I could drink chicha.

sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009


muerte cerebral, post trauma.

2º temporada de diosmecaga en vacaciones.

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

el mejor

Adolf Hoffman es mi New BFF, quien creo el LSD por la búsqueda de la relación entre la materia y el espíritu fue quien dijo:
"¿Qué tal si en vez de hablar tanto sobre la guerra contra las drogas habláramos un poco sobre las drogas que podrían acabar con las guerras?"

lindo no?

miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

quiero estar ahí

Antes del 2012 obvio que subié a la silla de ruedas gigante de Huerfanos y estaré como Ian en pose pensativa , sólo que sin pensar claro.

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Elsa y Fred

Ah!, tuve tanto tiempo esta película en mi poder, y no la había visto, pero como ahora estoy en receso cerebral, me dedico a ver tele y a ordenar mi closet. Encontré esta hermosura de Syl, y lo único que pienso es que China Zorrilla es mi nueva ídola. Quiero ser una abuela llena de tatuajes. Esta película es HERMOZA.

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Pequeña Suicida

Siguiendo con el desgano en la vida, le propongo a la gente que se meta a este flikr de esta chica que supuestamente se suicidó en un pequeño pueblito alemán en Brasil...
ella es la misma nena que pone su cabeza en una bolsa en un video mas abajo... era demaciado para ella.

J. Jingle Jangle ----------> http://www.flickr.com/photos/uncolortv/sets/